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September 18th, 2006

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05:01 pm
yeah i've gotten quite bored with the whole livejournal thing. soccer and ben pretty much run my life now. we're 5 and 1. i have 6 goals and i believe 3 assists right now. im the 3rd top scorer in the frontier league i believe right now..yeah so im really working my ass off. i wanna get noticed. i had a hat trick against T.I a few weeks ago. that was the best feeling ever. the deruyter tourney was interesting to say the least..we didnt make the championship game..it really hurt i guess. to know that we shouldve and we could've won this year. and it being my last year at deruyter and all..i cried. just the feeling sucks really. we're undefeated in the league..big big BIG home game tomorrow against beaver river because they're like 7-0. its gonna be tough. ben is amazing..he completes me. he makes me so incredibly happy and is the greatest guy ive ever met. i love him to death. hes taking me to homecoming this weekend which is gonna be really really fun. maybe not so much the dance but just being there with him will be good. friday night is the search for the silver soccer ball then a bunch of us are hanging out after..soccer game saturday morning at 11 vs. a-bay then the dance..i think a bunch of us are hanging out after that again too..yeah so its gonna be a good weekend. soccer and ben filled. =] couldn't get any better

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Date:October 14th, 2006 09:07 pm (UTC)

guess who

I love you!
yeah i've gotten quite bored with the whole livejournal thing. soccer… - I'll be your cheap novelty

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