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August 30th, 2006

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05:39 pm
soccer is amazing. my blisters are so bad though..2 of them are bloody. it's disgusting. i ordered this hot pink cleats off of soccerpro.com..they should be here tomorrow and i'm pumped. i got the last pair..i just hope they fit me or else i'll be quite sad. haha. we had 3 scrimmages today. i scored 3 times. 2 against copenhagen and 1 against belleville. i had so many shots again TI..we tied 0-0 though..should've won. soo ben is coming home for the weekend..i'm pumped. hopefully party on saturday. school tuesday..i think it's gonna be a wicked fun year. im taking intro to sociology through distance learning and so far is pretty good. im also gonna be in another murder myster dinner play..which is gonna be extremely fun so i cant wait for that either. ben is gonna take me to homecoming the 23rd..and i have a soccer game that day so he'll be able to see that. =] i finally got my license..yeah so everything is going extremely well. ive got really good friends now that i realized who they really are. i went with keri and shawnee to lunch today at ponderosa and shawnee told them it was my brithday so seriously like 9287497 ppl came over and sang to me..it was quite embarassing. lol. going out to brittany's later to hang out with a bunch of people so that'll be fun also. i just can't wait for ben to get here friday night. <3  :-)
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Date:August 31st, 2006 03:13 pm (UTC)
good stuff. ponderosa is the new sweet hangout :)
soccer is amazing. my blisters are so bad though..2 of them are… - I'll be your cheap novelty

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